Thursday, January 29, 2009

Afternoon Activities/Homemade Pasta

So, I have been living in Milano, Italy for about five months now and I can tell you that I have had the opportunity to eat such delicious food, but I have so much more to try. I just moved into a new apartment, with a more adequate kitchen then before, so now my goal is to test, make, and enjoy as many dishes as possible. A few days ago, I decided that I wanted to try making homemade pasta.
Italian supermarkets are known for one key characteristic, they only sell Italian products. Upon leaving the states I bid farewell to the international foods aisle and welcomed the variety and quality of Italian products at the supermarket. One thing that amazed me the most was the quantity and variety of fresh pastas available. Fresh pasta has a richer, chewier consistency then dried semolina pasta, and its depth of flavor enlivens any sauce of preparation. I decided that I would learn how to make these delicious, eggy noodles myself. A few days later, equipped with "00" flour, a few eggs, and a pasta roller I set off on my journey of pasta making fun.

And it turned out to be just that, fun. I had to trust myself and my instincts, at points I wondered how the sticky mixture would ever become tagliatelle, but eventually it did. It also became rustic sweet pea and ricotta ravioli.

The kick of the peperoncino enlived the a wiggly tagliatelle, while the drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle of grana showcased the richness of the homemade noodles. I was amazed at how tender the ravioli were, acting as vessels for the sweet and creamy filling.

The time and effort dedicated to making homemade pasta is absolutely worth it. The variations are endless, each time a new experience and outcome, as pasta names keep popping into my head, I may just have to run out and stock up on some more flour and eggs....